MacSysAdmin 2021: User Trust & IT Codes of Ethics

This year’s MacSysAdmin was my first as a speaker, and only my second as an attendee. I hope very much to make it to Gothenburg in 2022 as conferences begin to happen! I was privileged to continue my talk from the Mac Admins Conference, Three Paragons of IT, with a talk called User Trust & IT Codes of Ethics. This talk is a sequel to the previous talk, and it builds on the concepts that IT operates within the values and contexts of its organization. IT is a representation of your values, not exempt from them. This talk covers what your IT department needs to do in order to represent your values to your coworkers.

Title Slide: User Trust & IT Codes of Ethics – Responsible Management is Human-Centric
User Trust & IT Codes of Ethics Video

In this talk, I reference a number of codes of ethics:

These codes are a good place to start but they may not completely represent your organization’s values. Tailor them to your needs! It’s critical

I also talked about supplying your organization with SLA documents and Checklists, and I wanted to supply a couple templates here. They’re not right for your organization, they’re draft and they’re meant for PretendCo, which doesn’t exist. I present them here as samples that you can adapt and change.

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