November 2022 Update from the Mac Admins Foundation

As the Northern Hemisphere’s Autumn arrives, my mind turns to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. A big table, as many people as we can fit around it, and everyone has brought something to share with their family and friends. As we prepare to set our own table this year, I want to reflect on the state of the Mac Admins Foundation, share some news about our current moment, and of our future plans.

There are five things we want to share as a board with the broader community:

Mac Admins Foundation Update, November 2022

The Mac Admins Foundation is one of my very favorite parts of 2022. Though it’s been a hard year — lots of growing, lots of learning, both of which can be very tiring — there have been massive highlights. In just the last 9 months, we’ve gotten major commits from 8 organizations, representing a massive financial commitment to the Mac Admins Community, and supporting commitments from 7 more.

We have shored up the hub of the community by arranging for our Slack instance to be paid for through next summer. We have cultivated a relationship with Apple and Pearson for our credential scholarship program. We have built the frameworks for future success, and laid the groundwork for some incredible 2023 programs.

I can’t say enough great things about the board that I work with, and the community I serve. Our amazing volunteers are taking time away from their day jobs, from their families and friends, to build a better world for all Mac Admins practicing today, and preparing for the future. I couldn’t be more proud of this community, and more honored to serve it.

May all your tables be full this Thanksgiving.

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