New Adventures, New Chapters

JumpCloud’s strength is in their identity focus, which turns a single directory into a lens for an organization’s core needs in IT. Their identity extends deep into the devices of their customers, and I’m excited to join the team working on making that identity present and focused on the Apple platform. The Apple platform is at an exciting crossroads, making in-roads into enterprise clients in leaps and bounds. JumpCloud understands the value of embracing new platforms and working to empower users on their workstations, build strong networks of data for the IT departments they serve, and provide insights for organizations at so many levels.

My Next Chapter, JumpCloud Blog

Yes, after 15 years at Technolutionary, hyperfocused on the needs of our clients, I am joining the Product team at JumpCloud to work on the next great platform for managing Macs. This is a zoom out on my focus, and lets me start to build tools for Mac Admins throughout the industry. I’m really excited to get to work on the hard problems in the Apple space right now: patch management, stateless client management with MDM, and on-device security and identity.

You probably have a few questions, so let’s talk about that for a second:

What about the Mac Admins Podcast? Can you still do it?!

Yes, absolutely. Nothing has changed there. I’ll have more to say about what this means for the pod in two weeks. It’s a very special episode. But, rest assured: the podcast is safe and sound.

Does this mean you’re not going to Mac Admin Conferences?

If anything, it means I’ll be going to more Mac Admin Conferences.

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