On 200 Episodes

This morning, Episode 200 of the Mac Admins Podcast dropped, and in eight weeks, we’ll celebrate five years of the pod. Its unofficial birthday is around the original MacADUK conference in 2016, where Charles, Pepijn and I were all speaking. There’d been some Tweeting and Slacking that there was room for another Mac-focused Podcast, one built around the needs of Mac Admins.

There were already plenty of generalist Mac podcasts (ATP, Upgrade, Connected), sources of news and rumor about what Apple was up to, and there were some consulting-focused efforts (Command-Control-Power) that had plenty of great tech and consulting tips, but nothing that really felt like home for the Mac Admins community.

We had a few other folks onboard – Marcus Ransom, Adam Codega, Emily Kausalik-Whittle, Jason Miller – and wanted to setup a rotating panel of hosts who could provide different perspectives from different markets. And off we went! We talked with Kitzy about using the macadmins.org domain, and they graciously assented. James Smith eventually joined us as our sound editor, taking over from Aaron Lippincott. And, of course, Adam Codega wrote our theme the very first time he opened GarageBand.

We’ve held episodes at MacADUK, JNUC, PSU Mac Admins (unofficially!), MacTech, X World and more. We were hoping to make it to MacSysadmin in 2020, before the year of the Pandemic hit.

In those intervening 5 years, we’ve had close to three quarters of a million downloads, sponsorships from a dozen companies, and developed an avid group of backers on Patreon. And last night, we started the third century of the Mac Admins Podcast, talking to favorite guest (or at least most frequent!) Joel Rennich of Jamf.

Here’s to 200 episodes down, and at least 200 to go! Thanks to everyone who’s been on as a guest, everyone who’s written in with questions or feedback, everyone who’s participated in making the podcast on the back-end, and everyone who’s backed our efforts. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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