Like the Return of an Old Friend: NetNewsWire 5.0

In the early days of Web 2.0, in the short time after the dot com crash, there arose a common standard for syndicating your blog across the web, into RSS Readers. Google Reader was a big damn deal in those days, but before Google Reader hit the market, there was NetNewsWire.

Brent Simmons’ app was the RSS Reader for the Mac for a good long time, and an app that I lived and died by. In the days where Twitter (blessedly) did not yet exist, getting your news meant going to a website manually, like some kind of animal. NetNewsWire could read the secret code that held these sites together and produce a feed of articles that you could pay attention to directly, without having to remember which sites you needed to see.

In the post-social world, where suddenly everything got dumped out to the feeds full of our friends’ quick thoughts and longer form rants, RSS began to die a bit. Google saw that Reader was cannibalizing their own ads, and rapidly pushed it to the ash-heap of history, and in-so-doing, wrecked a whole lot of models for publishing. Suddenly, we were back to depending on people to go to browser-based reading habits, which came with a ton of terrible ads, tracking that was just full of garbage, or a social existence defined by the hellscape that Twitter and Facebook have become.

All this set the table for the return of NetNewsWire, which exited beta last week, and returned to my dock shortly thereafter. The base metaphor of NetNewsWire (NNW) is unchanged: feeds, grouped according to your choices, contain stories, which can view feed by feed, or in a timeline. Anything that can be served up as RSS can be shunted over into NNW’s hopper to await your attention.

For the last few years, I have used the #blog-feed channel on the Mac Admins Slack as my version of a professional RSS reader. I’m moving all those feeds to NetNewsWire so I can better track what I’ve read and what I haven’t. Now I’ve got a great view into what I’m up to date on, and what I’m yet to cover.

A view into my RSS feeds

This is about to be heavy season for Mac Admins, if it’s not already. We’re in the waning days of the beta period before macOS Catalina 10.15 drops and iOS 13 is released. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. How about helping yourself with a whole list of helpful feeds that are there to keep you up to date?

Enter the Mac Admin Blogs OPML Repo.

Download the OPML File, Open NetNewsWire, File > Import Subscriptions.

And there ya go!

The repo is public on Github, so feel free to contribute those blogs I missed.

And congratulations, Brent Simmons! NNW 5.0 is a return to RSS for me, and I couldn’t be more excited to be reading more from my friends.

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