Initial Release: Munki in a Cloud

I wanted this all to come together months ago. It hasn’t! But it is in a state that I can release it.

Welcome, Munki in a Cloud.

This is the initial release of a product that I hope I can get developed more fully. It’s designed to, on the host Mac, prepare a repository of packages for cloud distribution by Amazon Web Services’ S3 file service. It’s not fully complete, in that you will have to take some steps to either add a Cloudfront Distribution to the bucket, or prepare the bucket for public file service. It relies on the awscli command line library to create the S3 bucket based on a set of AWS Credentials, which you’ll need.

As with Munki in a Box, prepare your variables carefully and then fire the script off. Unlike Munki in a Box, you then need to either prepare your S3 bucket for public distribution (not always recommended) or setup a Cloudfront Distribution on top of it and distribute middleware and encryption keys to your clients.

I do want to automate the CF creation in the future, and Clayton Burlison’s munki-terraform seems to be the right way to handle this, I just haven’t been able to make my brain understand enough terraform to roll it in.

If you’ve got questions or concerns, I’m happy to hear them, please file an issue in Github. Pull requests will also be gleefully accepted.

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