Transitions: Munki in a Cloud

It’s MacDevOps YVR week, one of my favorite of the year. This morning, Clayton Burlison released an awesome package called terraform-munki that does something super helpful: it creates a set of terraform templates to create useful resources within your own AWS account to prepare an S3 bucket, and create a CloudFront Distribution with a TLS certificate.

This is exactly what I’ve been working around in my development of munki-in-a-cloud, which will replace munki-in-a-box due to the deprecation of’s web services by Apple later this year. I have the script done, except for the creation of the CloudFront Distribution, which I was reading all about when Clayton suddenly said “Oh! I did that! And I’m releasing it this week!”

So I’ll be figuring out which parts of terraform-munki are helpful to this new project and will get used or adapted into munki-in-a-cloud.

The goal is the same as munki-in-a-box: A script to create a functional munki environment and repository, and make it ready for use in the cloud. With a future version of macOS removing the Web service functionality entirely, it seems prudent to look at good cloud options.

If you’ve got opinions on a project like this, I’d love to talk more with you. Find me on the Mac Admins Slack to talk about it more.

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