The End of Munki-in-a-Box

Today, Apple released some updated guidance for macOS Server. Apple will be deprecating the following services in in the Spring: Calendar, Contacts, DHCP, DNS, Mail, Messages, NetInstall, VPN, Websites, and Wiki.

With no native Websites functionality, Munki-in-a-Box will cease to function correctly against a installation.

I’m faced with a few choices:

  • Pick a Webserver to install
  • Pick a method to install it
  • Refactor MIAB to do just that
  • Make sure that this continues to work going forward

None of these seem like good value propositions when I’m moving a different direction for my practice (that is, S3 + CloudFront + Middleware).

Perhaps my time would be better spent creating documentation around a standardized basic solution for Munki-in-the-Cloud instead. Got an opinion either way? Bug me on the Mac Admins Slack.

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