Interviewing Chip Pearson

We interviewed Chip Pearson of Jamf Software this week on the pod, and the episode dropped today, and if you’ll pardon the cliché, it’s our best episode yet. Chip gives us a view into what it was like to be a Mac Admin in the days when Timbuktu was king, when AppleTalk Zones were still a big potential hurdle, and the Mac IIcx was the workstation du jour. He talks about quitting his job one morning, what it’s like to move from consultant to product to chairman of the board.

I remember very clearly seeing Chip speak at Macworld when I was still a very wet-behind-the-ears IT consultnat, and his message of empathy and focus on the role of the individual in tech’s embrace within your organization was very critical.

This was a fun interview, and it’s worth your time. Thanks Chip!

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