MacDevOps YVR 2016: Securing Munki

Securing Munki

Below are the slides for my 2016 Talk at MacDevOps on Securing Munki. The talk was a good way to revisit what I’ve done with Munki in a Box and discuss some of the maybe not-so-great choices that were made along the way to get to where we are now with the security branch.

The talk focuses on the nature of the munki transaction, and where your deployment system can be vulnerable to attacks from casual interference, dedicated individuals with a grudge or a motive, or larger actors. There is also some advice about how to mitigate the problems that are presented by the architecture.

I’m not a fulltime security anything, but I’ve learned a lot in the last year by doing things that maybe aren’t advisable any longer. So, to anyone who used MIAB before 1.5.0 beta 2, there’s some work you should do to secure your repository if you meet certain use cases, and I strongly recommend that you adopt SSL encapsulation of the munki transaction, and the use of HTTP Basic Auth to secure your repository against prying eyes.

I’ll be making some changes to MIAB over the summer to automate the creation of a CA and enrollment of device certificates using the micromdm scep library and a web server that actually isn’t part of (likely to be the Go-based Caddy server as described by Viktor in a great blog post)

Download my slides & notes!

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