iOS 10 Features & Recommendations

Later today, Apple will release the first fully public distribution of the next version of their mobile operating system, iOS 10. We’ve been using iOS 10 since the early part of the beta period, and it’s been on my “daily driver” phone for a little more than a month at this point. Apple has made a lot of behavioral refinements in this release, but they’ve also made some wholesale changes to the way your iPhone operates.

Our advice: Wait a few days for all your apps to become compatible, but then upgrade if you have an iPhone 5S or later. Maybe Friday?

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Testing iOS 10 & Sierra in Your Environment

Testing Sierra & iOS 10 Slide

Last night, I presented at MacDMV on the importance of Testing iOS 10 and Sierra in your environment. The slides and presenters notes are available as a PDF Download. You can also watch the presentation below via Facebook video. The presentation begins about 3:30.

Testing Sierra and iOS 10 is incredibly important, because you need to be ready on Day 1 in case your users update ahead of your wishes. You need to know whether you can make your existing systems work, or if you’re going to have to expend the political capital to roll them back. Do you have a testing setup? Do you have a testing plan? Do you know how to submit good feedback to Apple? This presentation will help.

I’ve also built a Sample Testing Checklist for your environment, available as a PDF below, and also as an editable OmniOutliner file so you can make your own editable list.

Helpful Links:

Maslow’s Wi-Fi
Mike Boylan’s 2014 Presentation: Getting Your Issue on Apple’s Radar
Sample Testing Checklist PDF
Testing Checklist OO3 File