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  • Learning to Love Mastodon

    It’s hard to watch someone burn down your home, but I’ve watched enough of Elon Musk’s bad management of Twitter to say a final goodbye. A month or two ago, my wife setup a Mastodon service for some friends of ours, and I’m in the process of completing my migration there. When you look at […]

  • November 2022 Update from the Mac Admins Foundation

    As the Northern Hemisphere’s Autumn arrives, my mind turns to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. A big table, as many people as we can fit around it, and everyone has brought something to share with their family and friends. As we prepare to set our own table this year, I want to reflect on the state […]

  • Software Update, macOS Ventura, and the Mac Admin

    I think it’s fair to say that every Mac Admin I know has a nemesis and it’s softwareupdate. The command line binary that has lived in every Mac since Mac OS X was released has grown much like my cat: reliable, but deeply crotchety, and occasionally, vindictive. Major Upgrades to macOS, that is to say, […]

  • All At Once

    My talk at this year’s MacSysAdmin was released this morning, and it concludes a three-talk series on viewing IT through the lens of popular culture. What began with Chidi, Ted and Jules at PSU in 2021, and continued with User Trust & IT Codes of Ethics concludes today with All At Once. Mac Admins have […]

  • Quoted: iMessage and the Secret Service

    The Secret Service has lately been in some hot water because they failed to backup the text message (and iMessage?) history of the devices issued to their staff during an MDM transition. I talked some with Jason Snell from Six Colors in a recent piece about what happened: iMessage histories may be device specific and limited, and if they […]

  • On Independence Day

    I love Independence Day. I have for a long time. That doesn’t mean I love who we are as a nation right now, or that we should stop trying to make it a better place, safer for all, more equitable, more loving. I don’t have a ton of patriotism right now. Our democracy feels broken, […]

  • What’s new in the MDM Docs for macOS Ventura & iOS 16

    Last week, Apple released beta versions of the macOS Ventura operating system for desktops and the iOS 16 mobile operating system for mobile devices. What does the iOS update mean for MDM? That’s exactly what a friend in the Mac Admin community asked me recently. I thanked them for their candor and request as many […]

  • Handling Rough Economic Waters in IT

    The most important consideration here is not just how to cut costs out of your team, which is usually a euphemism for getting rid of staff. Instead, the main goal should be how to understand business needs and priorities for the future. Should you keep the same model in place to deliver on those needs, […]

  • The Future

    I’ve talked about Charlie here before. He’s a large part of my talks these days, as children are often the dominant part of their parents’ lives. Charlie’s 8, he’s in third grade at Capitol Hill Montessori, in a class of just shy of 30 first, second, and third graders. He loves to play with Lego, […]

  • Apple’s New Training & Exams (and, Announcing the Mac Admins Foundation)

    Today, Apple announced a new pair of certification exams for Mac Admins. This is a new version of the standard Apple Certified Support Professional exam, that comes with a self-paced training course, as well as the completely new Apple Certified IT Professional exam, which also comes with a self-paced training course. I can also say […]